A Snapshot of Sights and Sounds

30 December 2007 § Leave a comment

We had to move yesterday because a new group was coming in. We just went down the street, so it’s not bad at all. I actually like this place better than the old place. Veronica and i are in a large room on the top floor… It’s really nice and airy, with yellow walls and flowery curtains, and the beds are more comfortable than the other ones. We don’t have air conditioning, but we don’t really need it because we have more-than-adequate ventilation. Sounds are really distinct up there: the roars on the street, the twitterings in the air, the splashes and creakings in the rooms below.

There’s a roundabout on a road that we frequently travel, and it reminds me of Dad because he likes roundabouts. I also saw a baby elephant in the middle of the city, and i got to pet it. Elephant skin feels kind of loose, not like i imagined it would feel. Another interesting sight came rather out of the blue. Yesterday when we were walking out of the slums, we came to a dock on the big river that goes through Bangkok. There was a huge tanker ship there, and we asked if we could see it, and they let us on board and gave us a tour. It was really interesting. They were from Georgia (by the Black Sea and Russia, not in the U.S.). I also noticed the other day how many 7-Elevens there are here: basically one on every corner!


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