New Year and Change of Location

1 January 2008 § Leave a comment

When the clock officially turned from 11:59 PM to 12:00 AM on January 1, 2008 in Bangkok, i was discussing the subtle but vital link between poverty and religion. For, if one’s religion follows through on ideas enough to make humanity equal to or lesser than, say, rats, or cows, or anything else, there is no motivation to get rid of pests and therefore save lives, nor to use readily available resources (meager as they may be) to solve mass hunger. This is why Christ is the only solution to world problems; for when one embraces Him and His ideas concerning humanity, one recognizes that mankind is truly worth more than the rest of the stuff in the world. Thanks to Merry from Maui for giving me several days’ (and probably years) worth of food for thought.

Yesterday we got on a bus and drove for 12 hours overnight to reach our next outreach destination: Phuket! It’s quite beautiful. I’m sure i’ll share pictures sometime in the future, near or far. I’m excited to serve our British hosts, and founders of the SHE ministry (Self-Help and Empowerment for prostitutes).


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