laughter and tears, worry and romance

15 January 2008 § Leave a comment

As i signed in to my email this morning, there were several messages in reply to my most recent update (i love those!). The first was from Robin Bickel, and it was so full of his personality and zeal for the Lord that it made me laugh with joy. Thank you, sincerely, so much. There were several other equally encouraging emails from dear friends. It is truly a precious thing to hear from loved ones, especially when overseas. And then, another email was from my beloved father, bearing the sad news that my grandfather in France passed away before my mother could get there. We know no details. I’m sure if anyone had been watching me, they would have found it strange that i was crying so soon after laughing.

I haven’t been feeling well for the last few days, which is good timing because they haven’t been ministry days, just travel and rest. I hope, though, that doesn’t affect ministry in Chiang Rai with the HIV/AIDS children, because i know their immune systems are weak or gone. How utterly horrible it would be to cause an early death. I’m pretty sure i’m not contagious at all–just some stomach discomfort, and i’ve been careful to wash my hands a lot and etc. But still..

Last night i had a lot of time to journal and read. I wanted to read a love story in the Bible, but not the Song of Solomon. So i tried to find romantic stories among the adventures of King David, but the most exciting romance was between him and God. His first wife, who loved him at first, turned against him when he was dancing before the Lord (which was because he truly realized how holy and worthy the Lord is: it was right after Uzzah died when he touched the ark of the covenant to keep it from falling when the oxen stumbled–evidence of the Lord’s wrath; then, the ark was moved to Obed-edom’s house for three months, and his household was exceedingly blessed while it was there–evidence of the Lord’s love and grace) and given to another man. Then, the story of Abigail could have been really romantic, but then David took another wife from Jezreel right afterwards. Lame. They both got captured by the Philistines (or was it the Amalekites?), but it doesn’t say anything about David’s great relief when he went and rescued them. Imagine how terrible it would be to be kidnapped by the enemy with your husband’s other wife. Ugh. So i got tired of David and decided to read Hosea. Let me just say right now that God is way more romantic than any human ever was. I really didn’t realize that that was why i was enjoying Hosea so much more until afterwards, and then i chastized myself for my silliness. Of course God is more romantic than man, because He is love. The book of Hosea is so full of emotion–it’s the best love story ever, because it is the utmost redemption, the utmost righteousness, the utmost True Love. I could hear God’s deep sadness and anger, and then His overwhelming joy, just from reading the words. How right it is to be His, and for Him to be ours. That is what His heart desires all along.


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