odds and ends

18 January 2008 § Leave a comment

Within the past week, i have:

  • had a song stuck in my head for over 60 hours, off and on, but mostly on since those hours involved two overnight bus rides on which i did not sleep very much (it was “Suicidal” or whatever–a song that i actually like for some reason, but i wouldn’t mind never hearing it again at this point)
  • galloped down a relatively clean and unpopulated beach on an Australian horse
  • helped dig a hole for a septic system
  • been ill
  • traveled most of the north-south span of Thailand
  • killed some cockroaches on a bus
  • philosophized about life
  • lost a grandfather
  • eaten two scoops of blueberry ice cream for about 15 cents
  • said “all right, pooch” and patted a dog on the head whose name was Pooch, not Gromit
  • worn long pants for the first time in about a month
  • listened to one of the most incredible songs in modern history (“Oh What a World” by Rufus Wainwright)
  • been locked out of a room, and spent my time looking at the pictures in a Thai newspaper


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