Pleasantries and Parents

23 January 2008 § Leave a comment

I love Nothern Thailand! It’s cool in the evenings this time of year, which is lovely. My situation at the moment is really nice. I’m wearing the most comfortable clothes in the world (Thai fisherman pants and a yummy, soft t-shirt), and i’m listening to nice music on the Internet (a rather slight remedy for the fiasco of leaving my iPod behind). I’m nice and tired from a day of hard manual labor, and have a full stomach from a plate of delicious Thai food. It is definitely going to be missed when i get back! I’ll want nothing but rice every day. Well, that’s a lie. But i will miss the food here. I’m so happy that we are ending our trip in such a salubrious place (if you get my update emails you’ll know what ‘salubrious’ means!) instead of an unpleasant one. The joy of being here reminds me to cherish this time and dulls the ache of wanting to be home. Note: I’ve been working alongside an erudite teammate of mine, so more of my proverbial vocabulary drawers have been opened in my brain. It’s fun.

More people in the US should be on Skype at 7 am. I wonder why they’re not?

Wise people who love and support me (i.e. parents) are so wonderful. Especially when i get wild-haired ideas like i sometimes do, and start heading towards things that i would regret, i am ever grateful for their guidance and foresight. I would never have gotten here, and would be somewhere i wouldn’t want to be, without them. Thanks, Mom and Dad!



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