the Ocean

6 February 2008 § Leave a comment

This is a ramble encompassing some of my mind-fodder of late. There is a possibility of further expounding, but it is not guaranteed.

The ocean is very large. It has regular tides and holds thousands of life forms. It is different colors under different weather patterns and has varying temperature according to latitude and longitude. It is a whole different world from the one the vast majority of humanity is comfortable in: land. This difference is as great as the simple difference between solid and liquid. However, similar qualities felt or observed within separate beings or objects create fascination; often communication. Much like different bits of color “call to one another” in a painting, so does the depth and mystery of a soul feel some sort of relation with the depth and mystery of the ocean. People splash and play and get burned to a crisp at the seaside, but there is always the sense of the ocean’s inevitability. People even live and breathe upon the ocean, and become familiar with its turnings, and it seems that even then it becomes increasingly personified in their minds.



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