here comes the sun

12 March 2008 § 1 Comment

It’s been a crazy week so far; it feels like it’s been eons long. I’ve spent lots of time at dear Lewis & Clark. My emotions have gone wild. And i’ve leared several valuable lessons.

1) Pay close attention to following distance, especially when it’s rush hour and there is a long line of vehicles on the on-ramp. If you don’t, one likely outcome is an hour spent trying to un-spear your front bumper from the truck’s trailer hitch in front of you, and a driver’s door that is inoperable. I know all this from experience. Tip: offering carrot sticks, no matter how delicious, can be ineffective as apology for delaying 4 youths from their dinner.

2) The word “haver” means to talk foolishly or babble, used mostly in Scottish English. Just thought you should know. It’s in that song… you know.. the one about walking a thousand miles to fall down at your door (probably one of my top ten favorite songs in the universe. i just love it a whole lot). And i was so curious.

3) It’s much easier to wake up early when we have Sprung Forward (perhaps i shall rant about that at another time.. i strongly disagree with Daylight Savings adjustments) when you have an incentive, such as a meeting for Bible study that you know is going to refresh your soul and challenge your heart and realign your priorities. However, it is disappointing to miss the sunrise because of said time change.

4) Casting your cares upon the LORD is an effective way to practice humility. Drinking chocolate malts is not. This is sort of a strange one, and kind of the reason i started this blog entry. Ever since i got back from my meanderings, i’ve been eating really properly and healthily, almost like i don’t care about food anymore. Before i would count food groups and relish sweets and always lick the bowl when i made a cake, and loved food. Lately it’s been more that i eat when i’m hungry, stop when i’m full, have what is yummy and healthy, and not really have an appetite for sweets. It’s wonderful because i’m always satisfied and full of energy, and food isn’t that important to me–i don’t think about it much. But today, for some reason, it seemed that i went back to old habits. I had half of Colin’s cinnamon roll at work when i had already had a delicious and fulfilling breakfast, and after i ate a perfectly satisfactory lunch, i went to Sonic and got a chocolate malt. Why? I guess i’m used to indulging. But it was against my preference. I didn’t really want either the roll or the malt–i had them out of habit. So if humility is “just being honest,” then it was prideful to eat those things. I didn’t want them. I was satisfied without them. Plus, they were an avenue for worry, because i know what sweet and fatty things do to bodies. That care was something that i didn’t cast upon the LORD. I had created it myself.

I love learning lessons. I love growing and making mistakes and learning how not to make them in the future. I love not being perfect. It makes life interesting.

…it’s all right.



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