human things: creation

18 March 2009 § 2 Comments

Some projects just pull from their hiding place, way back behind the extra dimension of canvas, screaming and longing and pining and wailing to come out, and you’re the only one who knows. Those end up being the not-so-great ones because it is rare that they can come out with justice. (Lots of things are like that, i think, but here we are as fallen Man, right?)

Others come together like an impromptu meal, with the perfect herbs complementing the vibrant vegetable-colors and the little bit of unexpected extra that just makes it whole. These are usually more satisfying–it’s easier to stop working and be done than it is on the childbirth kind.

Honesty is as important in art as it is in life. No matter how uncomfortable it is to admit that there is a shadow that shapes that particular contour, no matter what irrational force is keeping the brush from the deeper value, it is not True unless it is done–there is no condemnation if you make a mistake. Similarly, nobody is going to judge anyone for being a person; it’s True, who you are, and the Master knew every piece and particle and smudge of you before He called you out of the canvas.

Painting and cooking and other creative things are using energy to synthesize matter, but really we’re just using pieces that have already been created. Cool, huh?

Human Things addition:
-the need to create.


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