the deep, deep water

2 June 2009 § 1 Comment

Babies are getting at my heart today. They way they learn and grow and make mistakes is the same as any other people–life doesn’t get any easier when we get older but no one tells us that in a way we hear–we just forget how to pretend. Folly is replaced by responsibility. i think we’re supposed to learn how to share and love and be kind, but what adult does those things? No one has arrived.

i think i’m grieving growing up: it is the impossible exchange of oblivious faith for its contemplation.

i am also utterly torn between longing for the days to pass quickly and holding every moment in my mouth until the flavors are gone. These boys are changing every day and i still have so much to learn from them.

“No, Ian(d)! Don’t pour out the deep, deep water!” It’s a blue Rubbermaid box that comes up to Jude’s bellybutton. It is also a house, and a cave, a haven. I remember what that felt like.



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