29 July 2009, To Whom It May Concern

29 July 2009 § 1 Comment

Dear Children’s Song, “There Once Was A Yodeler,”

While you are catchy and quaint, and no doubt children throughout time and geography have sung you at the top of their lungs with relish, i have a hard time believing your words.

You posit that “along came a kookaburra, interrupting [the yodeler’s] cry.” According to my research, kookaburras are only found in Australia and New Guinea. The yodeler, we learn, is “on a mountaintop high.” However, sources indicate that “Australia is the flattest continent.” New Guinea, on the other hand, has some rather high mountains, though mainly composed of alpine shrublands and grasslands, which, it would seem, would not be host to avalanches (verse 2). If we adopt this as our yodeler’s location in spite of this, there is a new obstacle: grizzly bears live in the western U.S.; and jersey cows, while found in Brazil and India at the most extreme, show no indication of having made it to Oceana.

It may be argued that Wikipedia is not a reliable source for such sensitive material, but i would counter that you are a mere children’s song. So there. I would appreciate a reconsideration of your content, or a removal of yourself from the broken-record portion of my brain. Thank you.


Melody E. Gerke



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