everyday hamlet

1 August 2009 § Leave a comment

Today i searched and searched for this drawing that i love but i didn’t find it. It’s called “since i can’t be with you” or something. It’s of a boy and a girl, but they’re separated, and they have hedge clippers and each made a hedge-portrait of the other. i just found the artist, not the particular drawing. She draws people leaning into wind, toes barely on the ground, and also what their burdens look like, and what they create.

Last night there was a free bluegrass concert at the Botanical Gardens. A newfound sister and me swayed together, and ate potoatoes and corn on the cob, and wished they would play “Man of Constant Sorrow” but weren’t brave enough to yell it out. I thought about a presence.

i have to tell you all these things to clear the way for what’s really important, because there is a stone deep in me. It feels like a stone but it is really a wad of words, all settled and mashed into a solid layer, and if i try to know deeper, it blocks my way. Chipping at it is all i can do and that is why words come out of my fingers onto this white box. What i really want to do, though, is use what i carve out to build something else, not just make tiny messy piles every few calendar-squares. What can i build? Do i need to use a fine chisel and try for beauty? Or should i build something big and solid and maybe made of truth?

Another sister can hear Music.


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