early evening

21 August 2009 § Leave a comment

i do believe it’s almost cardigan weather!

and i have a porch swing.

for two.

the light is going to change, you know how the sun’s below-equator angle makes things look sharper, colder. that will happen this year, too (i hope), and take a picture so we can remember next summer.

why are porch swings still home to mosquitoes when it’s almost cardigan-weather? i strongly object.
(why is any pleasant place still home to unpleasant things during pleasant seasonal transitions? objection negligible.)

i’m so glad light is visual. so many things are non-containable, at least visually. i can’t show you a picture of the cool air against my skin, or the swing-creak or the bird-song, or the bake-all-day ache in my ankles, or the someone’s-grillin-out invitation in the air, or the settle of the zucchini bread in my belly, or the music i hear so clearly between my ears. you just have to imagine it.

or come sit with me, and tell me what you can’t photograph, and we’ll creak together.


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