19 January 2010 § 1 Comment

When glory suddens in the middle of winter,
(hello sun! writing back from your holiday?)
baring soles in a tumble of meadow is to
syphon life from the earth into fingertips and hairends,
bearing souls in bubblemotion
—-near the surface, near warmth—-
love it, and know it, and bear it within
when you must again descend:
for it is not long till Spring.
And don’t forget to weep in the breeze,
for life is beautiful in the truest sigh of God.


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§ One Response to soulbearing

  • Andrew says:

    Whoaaa I like it even more now that I’ve read it! I was *wondering* if you used “soles” instead of “souls” in that part when you read it aloud, but…I didn’t ask…for some reason haha. But I totally love the interplay between “baring soles” and “bearing souls”. And the imagery of “syphoning” life from the earth. Beautiful. God’s creation is beautiful, and you seem to have captured a snapshot of it in word-form. Nicely done.

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