26 April 2011 § 3 Comments

is my favorite day
my bright soul
greets your mammoth clouds,
with awe and gratitude;

and i like how you are now a cleancold  playful shower
and now a yellow lightpouring smile,

and my lungs know that life is lovely
even pedaling up the long slopes pointing there where polarbear cumulus forgot his lofty airs
and bellies down to your rooftops, town,

you town where i live
(but mostly breathe)
and smiling friends are gladglad company
–that bliss of friendplace where no matter how deep you dig things are okay;

but there’s more, the most meaningful more
comes in
because there is a Voice

whose Delight it is to puzzle
for us,you,me,humanity,
puzzle for us the Path,
the good,worthwhile,eternal,yes,soulsearing
Path that we Seek,
all we,
and the Voice speaks for the listening,
do you know?
the Voice is when crashingdistraction
of worldworld you shove away
(you can shove it away, you can!)
and then you can know for Real.

and so
today is my favorite,
and when tomorrow is today
(i don’t know)
maybe it will be my favorite too?
in that today
i’ll check for you
and let you know.


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